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Adams Chapel AME Church

Valerie Walker, M. Div., Pastor

About Men's Ministry

At Adams Chapel, we believe "one man sharpens his friend" even as "iron sharpens iron."(Proverb 27:17) Accordingly, the Sons of Allen(SOA) Ministry is made up of men who want to minister to men, to their families, their church family, and ultimately their world.


The Sons of Allen (SOA) is a men's fellowship created in 1984 by the AME Church. The SOA Ministry at Adams Chapel has embraced the vision of the founders of the SOA. The goals of the SOA Ministry are:

1. to provide Christian fellowship for Bible study, prayer, and exchange of ideas for practical living

2. to foster closer relationships between men of the church

3. to provide opportunities for men in the church to reach out to those outside the church

4. to encourage outreach to our youth so that Christian men offer themselves as role models

5. to equip men of the church for meaningful service


In accord with the AME motto, the Sons of Allen at Adams Chapel excludes no one earnestly seeking a closer relationship with Christ and personal growth through fellowship with men of the Book. Likewise, we welcome those in need of support from men of faith and prayer. However, there are some in our community, state, and nation that are hurting, lost, and confused more so than some others. By extension, their problems invariably cause pain in others. Accordingly, we are particularly cognizant about certain glaring concerns in our nation that powerfully and negatively impact the life of the nation:

1. Black men are disproportionately affected by certain health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, and prostate cancer.

2. Many Black men lack access to health care and are often resistant to seeking adequate health care.

3. African-American men are often plagued by economic hardships such as unemployment and poverty.

4. They often experience psychological stress and frequently try to lessen their emotional distress with alcohol and illicit drugs.

5. Violence against African-American men by other African-American men threatens the stability of our communities.

6. Black men are often lost to violence at the hands of other Black men.

7. They are over-represented as defendants in the criminal justice system at the hands of unjust officers of the law through racial profiling, higher arrest rates, higher prosecution rates, and harsher sentences.

8. Many Black men disconnected from the church and are drastically underrepresented in the vast majority of our churches.

9. African-American boys are too often relegated to special education classes and steered away from college preparatory courses.

10.Many Black men often see the church as irrelevant and outdated.

We are alarmed by these and the other numerous problems we see. We want to do something about it! We want an opportunity to build relationships among men by uniting men around the God who changed us and sharing with them about the change available to them. The Sons of Allen at Adams, along with SOA all over they world want to "transform our churches and our communities by bringing men into a transforming relationship with our Lord. As members of this men's ministry, we want to be among our brethren what Andrew was to his brother when he led his brother, Peter, to Jesus. (see John 1:40-42)