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Adams Chapel AME Church

Valerie Walker, M. Div., Pastor

About Women's Ministry

Women's ministry affords women to minister to one another and to serve together. As such the older women can teach the younger women from their experiences and their relationships and the older women can learn from our technologically saavy young women.  

Women's Missionary Society

The Women’s Missionary Society (WMS) at Adams Chapel is a unit of a much larger body of missionaries in the AME Church known as the Connectional WMS. It is an international faith-based, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), composed of over 800,000 members located in four continents and thirty-two countries. Two rudimentary women's service organizations were commissioned early in the life of the church, one by Bishop Richard Allen and the second by Mother Sarah Allen, to assist with the practical needs of ministers in preparation for ministry. Two other missionary societies specific to women workers developed subsequent to the commission of Rev. William Paul Quinn as a missionary to the west as a response to need for assistance in Haiti and as women became increasingly eager to be involved in missions. A consolidation of the two separate missionary societies became what is currently the Women’s Missionary Society of the AME Church in 1944.

The WMS is active throughout the church and in many places around the world, committed to winning souls to Christ, promoting health and wellness, encouraging economic development, and speaking out for peace and social justice. 

The WMS hosts an annual conference at the United Nations every October at which members of the various agencies and components of the United Nations offer workshops and seminars on current global issues. The WMS has established a Foundation to support education through scholarships and social and economic development for the diversified constituencies we are privileged to serve.

The WMS at Adams Chapel is actively engaged with other WMS units in our region to help the global body of WMS members carry out the commission of Christ in the church, in our local and broader communities, and ultimately throughout the world.

The Adams Chapel WMS is working with the Connectional WMS to help build an intergenerational community of caring women and to develop responsible and visionary leadership through training, ministry, and missions.

Ladies and Daughters of Excellence (LDOE)

By The Reverend Valarie Cathcart

Ladies of Excellence is the Young Women's Initiative at Adams Chapel. It is a part of the Women Missionary Society and is open to young women between the ages of 18 and 40. LDOE endeavors to connect these young women to each other and to the local church community, secure their place in vital Christian ministry, and equip them for service, preparing them for leadership in the Women’s Missionary Society, the A.M.E. Church, and their communities. 

LDOE strives to motivate and mobilize young women between the ages of 18 and 40. We want them to perceive their calling by God and grow in their commitment to His work. LDOE encourages Christian growth and servant leadership, not only in the A.M.E. Church and the W.M.S. but also in our communities.

We want Christian young women to have the tools and knowledge necessary to make a difference in their churches and communities. Hence, we want to do our part to prepare them via workshops, fellowships, forums, and community service.